Göteborg, SWEDEN

Lean Marine’s cost-effective solutions ensure maximal fuel savings and increased operational excellence for your vessels. They are a Swedish marine engineering company founded by experts in hydrodynamic & marine power control systems.
Since vessels operate under different conditions, the speed of the vessel varies according to the inputs from the bridge. Over speeding results in over consumption of fuel that is not compensated by the phases in which the vessel is under speeding / under consuming fuel. Hence, with the same ETA, the fuel consumption may be dramatically more due to variations in the vessel’s speed. Whether your vessel has a Controllable Pitch Propeller (CPP) or a Fixed Pitch Propeller (FPP), there’s fuel savings to be made with clever automation of the propulsion parameters:

• FuelOpt™ provides the crew with an interface to set a requested speed and a maximum allowed fuel consumption. Based on those set values the system will carefully control the propulsive power to achieve stable and predictable vessel speed with reduced power peaks and reduced fuel consumption as a result.

• Fleet Analytics™ for following up on the vessels in your fleet on a daily basis and also for analysing their long-term performance. Allows you to create quick and powerful voyage reports and emission reports needed for the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP), the EU MRV, and as an important input into your Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator (EEOI).

Advantages of FuelOpt™  
• Easily integrated in existing vessels or new buildings and designed to work independently of the vessels’ current configuration
• No time off-hire is required: our technology can be installed into any vessel during operation in just a few days
• Minimum installation space required
• Guaranteed fuel savings!


Bergen-based chemical tanker owner/operator Rederiet Stenersen have reaped considerable fuel savings using our FuelOpt™ system which they installed fleet-wise. Quoting Mr. John R. Stenersen, Director of Rederi Stenersen “Simply, we’ve seen that the Fuel Optimization system has delivered the fuel savings promised. In addition to the automated fuel saving, we can now also follow up on our vessels using Lean Marine’s powerful Fleet Analytics tool.”

Cpt. Christian Schale of EKTANK AB explains in this video how FuelOpt™ continuously optimizes his ship’s running parameters based on the desired vessel speed & maximum allowed fuel consumption.

Lean Marine’s Athens Office contact: Mr. Argyris Michaletos Tel.: +30 210 9801 532 , +30.6987.233942  Email: athens@leanmarine.gr