Sweden & Germany
The sister companies, Meson (Sweden) and Sander Marine (Germany), can provide you with high quality and reasonably priced Sensors, Systems, Actuators, and Valves.

In brief, they are makers of:

  • DIN, ANSI & JIS Valves, Actuators, Fittings, Couplings
  • Tank Level Gauging & Measurement Systems
  • Bunker Management & Monitoring Systems
  • Motion Management & Control Systems
  • Spare parts and OEM products
  • Remote control valve systems
  • Quick closing valve systems
  • Anti-heeling systems
  • Visualisation systems

SanSys ‘The Mastermind’ remotely controls hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, pneumatic, or electrically operated valves as well as pumps used in ballast, bilge, fuel oil, and liquid cargo systems. SanSys can easily interface to other systems like tank level gauging system SanValue, anti-heeling system SanHeel or draft measuring system SanDraft. All data can be displayed and accessed by the SanVisu visualization system.


Prevents faulty operation and breakdown caused by human errors.
Communicates with other systems such as anti-heeling, alarm monitoring system and loading computer.
Provides universal redundancy and network redundancy; works even in case of disconnection or collapse of main components.




Sander Meson Group’s Athens Office contact: Mr. Michalis Raptis Tel.: +30 211 0101 937 Email: athens @ mesongroup.gr